About me

Hello, my name is Daniel Ross and I am a music journalist and writer. You can see examples of my work here and contact me here.


Photo: Emily Ross

Currently, I’m the Managing Editor of ClassicFM.com, the world’s biggest classical music website. My first novel, ‘Bobby Denise is Reigning Rampant’, is being published by Unbound. I’m also the co-author of a book called ‘Charting The Classics: Classical Music in Diagrams’ and the solo author of ‘Classic FM Handy Guides: Video Game Music’ (both via Elliott & Thompson).

I was a staff writer for The Fly (RIP) and my reviews, features, interviews and news have appeared in The Quietus, BBC.co.uk/music (RIP), Rolling Stone Middle East, Sabotage Times, The Evening Standard, Smoke: A London Peculiar and more.

An article I wrote for The Quietus on Queen’s soundtrack to Flash Gordon is due to be published in ‘The Mammoth Book of Freddie Mercury & Queen’, which is forthcoming via Robinson Publishing.

I was also a music researcher for BBC Radio 4’s Something Understood and transcribed music for the end pages of David Almond’s book, ‘Ella Grey’. My first stab at a short story was published in the F(r)iction literary journal in 2015. I expanded it into a novel called ‘Bobby Denise is Reigning Rampant’, and it’s now open for pledges on Unbound.

I live in Peckham, South East London.


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