About me

Hello, my name is Daniel Ross. I am a journalist and author based in Bristol.

daniel ross writer

Photo: Emily Ross

My first novel, Bobby Denise Is Reigning Rampant came out in 2019. Then I wrote a really big book on Queen. I’m also the co-author of a novelty book called ‘Charting The Classics: Classical Music in Diagrams’ and the author of ‘Classic FM Handy Guides: Video Game Music’ (both via Elliott & Thompson).

I was a staff writer for The Fly (RIP) and my reviews and features have appeared at The Quietus, BBC, Rolling Stone, Sabotage Times, The Evening Standard, Smoke: A London Peculiar and more. I was also a music researcher for BBC Radio 4’s Something Understood.

My wife and I opened a bookshop called Storysmith in 2018.

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